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snsd + their favourite toys & characters

Anonymous said:
What's the meaning of throwing water over someone ? Water that is probably clean , a lot of people don't have clean water to drink and there are stupid people that just keep wasting it in useless things

then what’s the meaning of us hanging on tumblr? Electricity is also expensive you know. A lot people don’t have electricity in their houses and yet there are still people like you and me who are wasting electricity on something useless like this site, when you are literally just reblog things that 8 of 10 people don’t even care about? 

Football Players + The Ice Bucket Challenge (part 1)


Shakira and Pique doing the Ice Bucket Challenge


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12 Hours to BIG8ANG: 8 Years of Kwon Jiyong; GD’s 26th /27th Birthday

this princess…